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Eight is Enough?

As national Democrats struggle to rebuild after their defeat at the polls in November, the far left has emerged as the leading wing of the party, with extremists like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders taking the reins and promising a policy of obstruction and delay in Congress.

Well now, the leading far left candidate for the Democratic National Committee Chairmanship, Minnesota Representative Keith Ellison, has a new message for the party: “Eight is enough.” That’s right, Ellison is actually pushing Senate Democrats to leave the ninth seat on the Court vacant for the next four years. Ellison’s position is especially notable given Senate Democrats’ “We need nine” messaging of 2016, where they argued that the Supreme Court could not function without a full complement of justices, as well as fellow Minnesotan Amy Klobuchar’s previous statement that “Eight is not enough on the United States Supreme Court.

“National Democrats’ lurch to the left is quickly becoming a problem for Senate Democrats up for reelection in red states,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “It will be telling whether Senate Democrats honor the will of voters and listen to their own ‘We need nine’ rhetoric or side with Keith Ellison and the far left, and adopt a ‘take our ball and go home’ strategy with the Supreme Court.”