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Faux-moderate Nelson calls Kamala Harris for help

With nine days to go until the election, Bill Nelson has decided to drop his phony “moderate” act and is campaigning with liberal darling and presidential hopeful Kamala Harris in a desperate attempt to save his job.

This comes right after far-left billionaire Tom Steyer and Hillary Clinton’s super PAC have announced they’ll be lighting money on fire for Bill Nelson, and extremist Elizabeth Warren sent fundraising emails on Nelson’s behalf.

For someone who claims to be an “independent,” radical liberals sure love palling around with Bill.

“Bill Nelson calls himself a moderate, but his cozy relationship with radicals like Kamala Harris tells the real story,” said Camille Gallo NRSC Spokesperson. “After 30 years in Washington, Nelson has loyally followed his party to the far left and will support their extreme agenda while ignoring Floridians at every turn.”