Washington, D.C. – John Fetterman released a new ad outlining some of his plans if elected. He failed to mention that his plans would make Washington even worse. 

In the ad, he purposely left out that he wants to do to Pennsylvania what Bernie wants to do for the United States. Watch here

And what exactly does self-described socialist Bernie want to do for the United States? He wants to ban fracking, implement the job-killing Green New Deal, and pass a Medicare for all system that would cost taxpayers north of $30 trillion. Plus he wants to raise taxes on working Americans to pay for his socialist spending spree.

Pennsylvanians are struggling to keep up with record inflation. The last person they need in the U.S. Senate is someone who wants to bring Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda to Pennsylvania.

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Lizzie Litzow: “John Fetterman is right that he would change Washington – he’d change it for the worse. He has admitted what he wants to do to Pennsylvania what Bernie Sanders wants to do to the country. Pennsylvania can’t afford John Fetterman in Washington.”


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