Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Flashback Friday: One Year of “Hot Mess” Hickenlooper

Today marks one year since The Denver Post reported John Hickenlooper had changed his mind after a failed presidential run and decided to run for Senator – the same role he said he was “not cut out” for and “doesn’t attract” him.

“In one year, John Hickenlooper has been found in contempt for ignoring a subpoena, guilty of breaking state law, and repeatedly accused of racism, so it’s no surprise his own party called his campaign a ‘sh–show‘ and the candidate ‘a hot mess,'” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Hickenlooper said himself – repeatedly – he wasn’t cut out for this job, and if his actions over the past year are any indication, he was absolutely right.”

The Colorado Senate race remains one of the most competitive toss-up’s this cycle partly due to Hickenlooper’s and his team’s incompetence and unending self-inflicted wounds. Candidly, “sh–show” and “hot mess” were probably polite:

  • Hickenlooper became the first Coloradan to be found in contempt by the state’s Independent Ethics Commission after he chose to ignore their subpoena
  • The same Commission found Hickenlooper was guilty of breaking Colorado ethics laws at least twice his last year in office
  • The Denver Post exposed Hickenlooper raided a post-9/11 economic recovery fund intended for essential government services to pay his $525-an-hour lawyer over $150,000
  • A sitting member of Congress has requested a U.S. Treasury investigation into Hickenlooper’s likely illegal use of the federal taxpayer fund
  • Hickenlooper has repeatedly been accused of racism including “environmental racism” and “red face racism.” He was also forced to apologize after a video surfaced where Hickenlooper compared politicians to rowers on “an ancient slave ship” being whipped
  • Hickenlooper told 9News that the press “should be protecting” him from questions on his ethics violations and in another instance ran away from reporters attempting to ask him about the same topic
  • Hickenlooper is currently under fire from rural Colorado leaders after he has rejected their debate invitation and only accepted debates on the Front Range