Washington, D.C. – Joe Biden and Senate Democrats’ border crisis is wreaking havoc across the country. In July alone, over 2,100lbs of deadly fentanyl were seized – a 200% increase from the previous month. This deadly drug is responsible for over 60% of all overdose deaths in the United States.

Joe Biden and Senate Democrats are failing to keep Americans safe. Deadly drugs are pouring through the Southern border at unprecedented rates while the number of Americans dying of fentanyl-related overdoses continues to rise.

Senate Democrats even voted (not once, but TWICE) against funding for opioid and narcotics detection at the Southern border. They’d rather pretend there’s no crisis at the Southern border than admit their mistakes and save lives.

Joe Biden and Senate Democrats cannot be trusted to keep Americans safe from deadly drugs. They’re ignoring the crisis they created and allowing deadly drugs to devastate communities across the country.

Vulnerable Democrat Senators like Mark Kelly, Catherine Cortez Masto, Maggie Hassan, Raphael Warnock, and Michael Bennet are playing politics with Americans’ lives.


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