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fooling no one

Senator Jon Tester’s pathetic cover up for all the time he’s spent in Washington obstructing and resisting Trump at all costs couldn’t get more desperate.

Hours before Trump sets down in Billings for a rally tomorrow evening, the Associated Press reports Tester is going up on television with … a new ad “promoting his collaboration” with the President.


Sure, Senator Tester has gotten himself in some pretty tough water, but trying so desperately to brownnose the President now that polls show the race has tightened, couldn’t look any more disingenuous.

After all, Trump not only called on Tester to resign and endorsed Matt Rosendale, but Tester has also REFUSED to back Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, REFUSED to vote for tax cuts, REFUSED to build the wall, REFUSED to crack down on sanctuary cities and the list goes on and on and on…

“Jon Tester’s pathetic attempts to re-write his liberal record are fooling no one and only make his failing campaign look all the more desperate,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “The single best thing Montanans can do to help President Trump achieve his agenda is to vote obstructionists like Jon Tester out of office and vote in conservative fighters like Matt Rosendale.”