Press Release
| Katie Martin

frankly, it’s inexcusable

Fresh off the heels of attempting to block the confirmation of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State, Senate Democrats once again chose to side with their extreme liberal base over national security by voting against Gina Haspel’s nomination as CIA Director.

Instead of doing what’s best for their constituents, Senators Casey, Stabenow, Smith, Brown, Baldwin, McCaskill and Tester decided to fall in line with their coastal colleagues who are prematurely auditioning for 2020. These vulnerable 2018 Democrats may pretend to be middle of the road moderates, but their willingness to jeopardize national security and oppose President Trump at every turn tells a different story.

“It’s unconscionable that Senate Democrats have continued their total obstruction of President Trump’s agenda, even when a vital national security position is at stake,” said NRSC Communications Director Katie Martin. “Opposing Haspel’s confirmation is just another inexcusable example of Senate Dems pandering to their radical, far-left base instead of representing hardworking folks at home.”