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“good news”

When Claire McCaskill cited “dark money” as her reason for opposing Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court, it was clear she wasn’t being honest with Missourians, given her tacit endorsement of dark money spending on her behalf. And the evidence continues to mount that she’s been lying all along.

A new story from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch shows McCaskill openly celebrating the “good news” of a dark money funded group coming into Missouri to help her campaign. Records show the biggest donor to the super PAC she was touting, Black PAC, is none other than Chuck Schumer’s dark money group, Majority Forward, which is also spending millions on TV ads to boost McCaskill’s campaign.

So, it’s clear McCaskill really has no problem with dark money. And when you couple that fact with video of McCaskill telling supporters back in June that she became “physically ill” when she learned Justice Kennedy was retiring, and that they needed to reelect her so she could continue to oppose President Trump on the Supreme Court, it becomes obvious that McCaskill planned to oppose Judge Kavanaugh all along and was just grasping for an excuse.