Press Release
| Nathan Brand

Greenfield’s brutal debate week

The Iowa Democratic senate primary debates are over, and one thing was clear throughout: Theresa Greenfield is unprepared to lead.

If you missed the debates this week, here are the moments that Theresa Greenfield is hoping that you forget…

At the Monday night debate, Greenfield could not answer whether she supported decriminalizing illegal border crossings. Even when pressed for a straight answer, Greenfield ducked, saying: “the whole system is broken.”

On Tuesday, Greenfield was unable to defend her campaign’s signaling to non-Iowan outside groups spending millions pushing her across the finish line. Despite having a webpage with precise instructions for outside groups, Greenfield said, “I can’t control the spending of outside groups.”

Then last night, Greenfield was hit with an onslaught of criticism for her hypocrisy from all three of her Democratic challengers and a brutal follow-up question from the moderator.

  • First, Greenfield was unable to address why she had taken $153k+ from corporate lobbyists.
  • Then, she struggled when pressed to answer why she wouldn’t denounce the millions of dollars of outside group spending helping her campaign.
  • After being pressed by all three of her opponents and the moderator, Greenfield was offered an opportunity to denounce the outside groups and address her reliance on corporate PAC funded LPACs, but declined.

And if you didn’t see Greenfield’s Des Moines Register ed board interview disaster, make sure to check that out here.

Debate week is over, and it is clear that Theresa Greenfield is unprepared to lead and is not ready to take on the challenges facing Iowans

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