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Heidi’s sad cover-up

Trailing by double-digits in the polls and coming off the worst week of her political career, Heidi Heitkamp is out with a new ad desperately trying to cover up her last 6 years in Washington.

Heitkamp claims that she’s an independent voice who protected gun rights and cut taxes, but literally none of that is true. Here’s a closer look at Heitkamp’s out of touch record.

  • During her Senate career, Heitkamp voted with President Obama 88 percent of the time. (CQ Vote Studies, Accessed 7/7/17)
  • The NRA endorsed Kevin Cramer and gave him an A-rating after Heitkamp put North Dakotans’ gun rights at risk when she voted against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • Heitkamp proudly voted against President Trump’s tax cuts that are providing North Dakotans with wage increases, new job opportunities and bigger paychecks.

“Having voted against the will of North Dakotans for the last 6 years, Heidi Heitkamp is being forced to completely rewrite her record,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “No amount of spin is going to convince North Dakota voters that Heitkamp has had their back and that’s why her political career has two weeks remaining.”