Press Release
| Michael McAdams

Heitkamp votes against life

Heidi Heitkamp reinforced the left’s extreme abortion positions today, voting against legislation to restrict abortion after the 20th week of pregnancy.

Despite polling showing 56% of North Dakotans supporting the legislation, Heitkamp joined her liberal Democratic colleagues in opposing this commonsense bill. The Democratic Party has become increasingly aggressive on the issue of abortion, with DNC Chairman Tom Perez announcing last year that pro-life candidates were not welcome. As a Democrat from a state President Trump won, this created a major dilemma for Heitkamp. She could either support the opinions of North Dakotans or bow to the extreme views espoused by the most liberal elements of her party. After today’s vote, it’s clear Heitkamp would rather stand with the far-left wing of her party than North Dakota families.

“Instead of representing North Dakota values, Heidi Heitkamp surrendered to the radical views of her liberal donors and party bosses,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “When given the opportunity to protect the unborn, Heitkamp skirted her duty and voted to support the most extreme positions of the liberal Democratic Party.”