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Heitkamp’s petty politics reaches new low

Heidi Heitkamp just can’t handle the truth.

After Kevin Cramer released a new ad this week touting his efforts to repeal the decades-long oil export ban, Heitkamp and her allies went into a complete meltdown, demanding that only Heitkamp could be responsible for passing the crucial legislation.

Unfortunately for them, that’s very far from the truth.

Here’s what Rep. Joe Barton, who wrote the bill, had to say regarding Kevin Cramer’s efforts, “He was there early and he actually showed up when we needed things to get done,” Barton told NBC News on Wednesday, specifically crediting Cramer for coalescing support among junior members and the business community.

“In what has become an all too common theme, Heidi Heitkamp seems to have a serious problem with reality,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “North Dakota voters know that when it mattered most Kevin Cramer was fighting for them, while Heitkamp was busy following Chuck Schumer’s orders and voting with liberal Democrats.”