Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Hickenlooper Gives Schumer A Pass For Holding Small Biz Aid Hostage

John Hickenlooper is under fire today for giving Chuck Schumer and his Party leaders a pass as they hold small business relief hostage during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Payroll Protection Program ran out of funds last week, and Washington Democrats have refused to replenish the fund – leaving small businesses unable to continue receiving aid.

“For nearly a week, John Hickenlooper has stood by his Party boss Chuck Schumer as Senate Democrats hold critical small business aid hostage,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Hickenlooper needs to stop passing the buck and stand up to the Democratic leaders bankrolling his Senate campaign.”  

From Real Clear Politics:

“Meanwhile, Democratic leaders in Washington, D.C., have been  holding up hundreds of billions in federal funds intended to rescue the same kind of restaurants, stores, breweries and other small businesses across the country. A $350 billion loan program, part of the CARES Act, was paused last Thursday after quickly burning through all of its money. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have been facing heat over the last week for their role in the stalemate.

“Stalling legislation to get more of what you want is part of normal Washington sausage-making. But during a pandemic with the economy cratering, two days can make or break companies, advocates warn.”

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