| Joanna Rodriguez

Hick’s Scandal-Plagued Super Bowl 50 Trip

It looks like the Broncos game last night got John Hickenlooper reminiscing about his scandal-plagued trip to Super Bowl 50. A lot’s happened since then, including Hickenlooper’s failed presidential bid and Senate flip-flopping, so let’s refresh our memories…

Hickenlooper remains under a Colorado Ethics Commission investigation for his alleged use of private planes and luxury gifts during his two-terms as Governor. According to a Denver Post report, the complaint filed against Hickenlooper included the flight and tickets for his trip to Super Bowl 50. The trip he tweeted a photo from last night:

“A free trip to watch your team win at the Super Bowl would make anyone smile, but violating the Colorado Constitution and betraying the people you represent to do so – as a sitting Governor – isn’t something to smile about,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “The people of Colorado deserve to know who foot the bill for Hickenlooper’s ultimate fan experience.”