Press Release
| Nathan Brand

“Highly misleading and worthy of Three Pinocchios”

The Washington Post is out with a new fact check calling Democrat Sara Gideon’s latest TV ad “highly misleading and worthy of Three Pinocchios.”


This is not the first time Gideon has been called out for false and misleading claims. The Portland Press Herald knocked Gideon for saying she would reject corporate PAC money, while relying heavily on corporate cash that passed through other PACs. The Washington Post also gave the Gideon-tied “dark money” group Maine Momentum Three Pinocchios for their ad that “misattributes and misquotes the source material.”

“Gideon is hiding behind false campaign ads, while refusing to do her job and ducking questions from the Maine press corps,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Mainers can’t risk gambling on Guilty Gideon and her misleading ads, ethics violations, and tax increases.”