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How far will she follow?

Now that Nancy Pelosi is embracing the Democratic Party’s catastrophically expensive single-payer health care system, will Jacky Rosen join her?

Given Rosen has voted with Pelosi 91 percent of the time, Nevada voters should be getting very nervous. Experts believe a single-payer health care system would cost taxpayers $32 trillion. Rosen’s other political puppet master, Harry Reid, has long been a supporter of a single-payer system. It seems it’s just a matter of time until Rosen joins Reid and Pelosi in supporting a government-run health care disaster.

“Nevada’s families and businesses can’t afford a $32 trillion health care boondoggle,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Nevadans deserve to know if Jacky Rosen will be putting their health care at risk to appease Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.”