Washington, D.C. – Americans are fed up with Joe Biden and Senate Democrats’ lack of leadership on inflation. Families are scrapping vacation plans because gas, airfare, and hotels are more expensive than ever. Grocery bills are rising every month and retirees are blowing through their savings at record pace.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and Senate Democrats insist that Americans and the economy are doing just fine. Biden says the economy is uniquely strong, and Senate Democrats haven’t lifted a finger to lower prices. As one voter said, Joe Biden and Senate Democrats are “useless.”

Exclusive — Watch: Senate Republican Group Hammers ‘Useless’ Joe Biden, Senate Democrats


By: Jacob Bliss

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), the Senate Republicans’ main campaign arm, released a video on Tuesday, first seen by Breitbart News, emphasizing how “useless” President Joe Biden and the Senate Democrats in the majority are for hard-working Americans.

The NRSC’s video, Useless, compares what Biden is saying he has accomplished in office to what workers Americans are saying when asked by leftist news networks.

The clip, spanning over a minute long for social media, shows Biden claiming “families are caring less debt on average in America,” “they have more savings than they’ve had,” and “we have the fastest growing economy in the world.”

At the same time, Americans are shown disputing his claims. One American said her savings are “gone,” and she has “no savings” left because it is “depleted” from the rising prices.

A second American says he thinks “the whole economy is a mess,” and he “has to blame that on Joe.”

Read the full article HERE and click the screenshot below to watch the NRSC’s latest video.


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