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| Bob Salera

ICYMI: Claire McCaskill’s Flying RV

Claire McCaskill had a rough day yesterday after she was caught traveling via private plane during her advertised RV tour. After a Free Beacon report detailed her plane’s route mirroring her tour, McCaskill admitted to using the plane, complaining that a broken drawer was driving her crazy.

Here’s what folks in Missouri are watching and reading this morning:

Fox and Friends: “Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill confesses to misleading voters.”

CNN New Day: “Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill admitting to using a private jet on her recent three-day RV tour across Missouri.”

KSMO: “Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill is trying to explain her use of a private jet on what her campaign called an RV tour of Missouri.”

KCTV: “Back in 2011, McCaskill sold a private plane when she admitted she failed to pay thousands of dollars in taxes on it.”

Washington Free Beacon: Claire McCaskill’s Private Plane Used on Campaign’s RV Tour Through Missouri – “Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) said her campaign was “hitting the road” in an RV to tour the state, but public flight information indicates that travel also occurred on her million-dollar private plane.”

CNN: McCaskill admits to using private plane for part of RV tour – “McCaskill’s use of a private jet has been a political issue for her in the past. CNN reported in 2011 she failed to pay nearly $300,000 in personal property taxes owed over the last four years for the partial ownership she and her husband had in a private plane.”

Politico: McCaskill used private plane on campaign RV tour – “And McCaskill’s comment that the plane picked her up for one day of the RV tour before being used to add stops did not fully account for the extent that she used the aircraft. A campaign source said the plane was used during two of the three days of the tour to transport the senator to overnight stays, in addition to the added stop, and that McCaskill used the plane for travel that the RV could not accomplish in that time frame.”

Daily Mail: Senator busted for flying on private plane during campaign ‘RV tour’ insists she took a real road-trip and loathed a broken drawer that ‘drove me crazy’ – “Sen. Claire McCaskill confirmed she used her private plane for parts of a three-day RV tour of Missouri last month, an admission that is likely to cause political headaches for the Democrat, who is in a tough reelection battle.”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: McCaskill disputes claim that her RV tour of Missouri last month was more of a fly-over – “The issue flared up again last year when, during a town hall meeting, she appeared to agree with a questioner’s assertion that “normal people” could afford to fly private planes.”

The Hill: McCaskill used private plane for parts of RV tour – “Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill (D), who faces a tough reelection bid this year, acknowledged Tuesday that she used a private plane for parts of a three-day tour of her state billed as an “RV tour” ahead of the midterms.”

Washington Examiner: Looks like Claire McCaskill used her private jet during her RV tour of Missouri – “McCaskill’s likely GOP opponent, state Attorney General Josh Hawley, has sought to cast the senator as an ally of faraway elites in Washington, Hollywood, and Wall Street. This isn’t the first time McCaskill has made that easier, and it likely won’t be her last.”

Washington Times: Claire McCaskill used private plane during much-touted RV ‘road trip’ – Either way, Mrs. McCaskill’s use of a plane is becoming a campaign issue in Missouri, Politico reported. Mrs. McCaskill is seeking re-election as a Democrat in the conservative state that President Trump decisively won in 2016, and Republicans are eager to paint her as an out-of-touch Beltway elitist.

The Week: Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill was supposed to be on an RV tour of Missouri. So why was her private plane following behind? – “But public flight tracking information obtained by the Free Beacon revealed that McCaskill’s personal plane was following the RV’s journey from city to city, appearing to leave just minutes after BigBlue. The plane didn’t seem to be used on McCaskill’s journey home to St. Louis on the last leg of the tour.”

Weekly Standard: Editorial: McCaskill Takes the A Plane – “McCaskill, it appeared, didn’t travel very much on BigBlue. She traveled by plane, it seemed, the RV being her advance team’s transportation. The bus made the senator seem less like a wealthy politico and more like an ordinary middle-class citizen; only she usually wasn’t on it.”

Gateway Pundit: Busted! Claire McCaskill Ditched Bus During State RV Tour for Private Plane – “Air Claire got busted again with her private plane. The Obama Democrat told Missourians she was taking a bus tour of the Show Me State. She didn’t tell them she was ditching the bus for her private plane during many of the stops.”

The Blaze: MO-Sen: McCaskill admits using her private plane on campaign RV tour through the state – “Denying that she tried to hide the use of her plane on the RV tour, McCaskill said, ‘Anybody could have followed me. They could have seen when I got off the RV and when I went and got on the airplane.’”

TPM: McCaskill Confirms That She Used Personal Plane During Campaign RV Tour – “This is not the first time a personal aircraft landed McCaskill in hot water. In 2011, she was forced to sell her family’s private plane after failing to pay property taxes on it. She has since repaid the money.”