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| Katie Martin

ICYMI: Praise Pours In for Judge Kavanaugh

Just days after President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, editorial boards across the country have flooded America’s newspapers with praise for the President’s extremely qualified nominee. As press continues to highlight Judge Kavanaugh’s esteemed resume and sterling qualifications, red state Democrats face increased pressure to either cave to their radical base and oppose the nominee President Trump put forth, or enrage their liberal donors and dry up their resources.

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New York Times: Just Confirm Kavanaugh

Fierce opposition to Kavanaugh hurts Democrats. This was already going to be a difficult year for Senate Democrats, who are defending 10 seats in states won by Trump. Everyone knows that North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Indiana’s Joe Donnelly are vulnerable, which is why they voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch last year. Florida’s Bill Nelson is struggling, too, as is Missouri’s Claire McCaskill. READ

New Hampshire Union Leader: Qualified Kavanaugh: A prudent pick for the court

Kavanaugh is an experienced, well-qualified pick, and would have easily won confirmation if that were the criteria used. But that standard has eroded to nothingness since Democrats smeared Robert Bork 31 years ago. Judges, including Supreme Court justices, should be weighed on their ability to interpret the law as written, not the political preferences of those voting on their nominations. READ

Las Vegas Review-Journal: EDITORIAL: Donald Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court

Judge Kavanaugh is firmly in the judicial mainstream, although Democrats will no doubt try to twist him into a rabid, dangerous extremist. He is, in fact, a constitutionalist who believes that judges should follow the nation’s founding document rather than reinterpret law to achieve desired ends. “As judges, we are not authorized to rewrite statutory text simply because we might think it should be updated,” he wrote in a 2016 opinion. READ

Detroit News: Kavanaugh’s record defies challenge

Brett Kavanaugh is an intelligent and deliberate judge who is poised to become a conservative thought leader on the U.S. Supreme Court. His record on the appellate court suggests that President Trump’s nominee to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy will maintain a commitment to interpreting the law as it is written, rather than how he may wish it had been crafted. READ

New York Post: Democrats’ demented assault on Brett Kavanaugh

Indeed, he’s more than just qualified. In his 12 years on the federal appeals bench, he’s built an exemplary record that’s left a decided impact on the law: The Supreme Court has fully adopted the logic behind 11 of his decisions in its own rulings. And while that record is reliably conservative, he’s far from the “hard right” extremist described by, among others, New York’s own Chuck Schumer. READ

Richmond Times-Dispatch: A good and decent choice for Supreme Court justice

If one were to create an ideal resume for the position of Supreme Court justice, it would not look terribly different from Brett Michael Kavanaugh’s curriculum vitae. President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy is more than qualified for the job. READ

Chicago Tribune: Judging Judge Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh’s record suggests that by these standards, he is highly qualified. In 12 years on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which deals with especially complex regulatory cases, he’s authored some 300 decisions. READ

CNN: Democrats’ clown show of outrage over Kavanaugh fools no one

These Democrats are in quite a pickle. Three of them voted for Gorsuch in 2017 and Kavanaugh is as (or more) qualified and similarly conservative. Voting against Kavanaugh would signal to the folks back home that their votes are now controlled by the left-wing partisans described above — not a good look during a re-election campaign in states where Trump remains popular. READ

The Intelligencer: Manchin Should Back Nominee

Kavanaugh has said that if confirmed to the Supreme Court, his alliance will be to the Constitution as it is written, not to his personal preferences. That is precisely what this nation needs. That, not how Kavanaugh may rule on any single issue, ought to be Manchin’s concern. READ

San Diego Union-Tribune: Why Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may be more independent than you expect

In choosing Brett Kavanaugh — a judge on the Washington, D.C., U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy, Trump has chosen a deeply experienced nominee with 300 opinions under his belt who appears well within the judicial mainstream. READ