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ignoring Lake O

Bill Nelson sure acts like he cares about the toxic algae bloom in Lake Okeechobee and even recently demanded the federal government do something about the issue.

But has Bill Nelson, who’s been a part of the federal government for nearly three decades, gone above and beyond to protect the communities and families around Lake Okeechobee? Nope.

After nearly 30 years in Congress, Bill Nelson failed to secure funding to fix the federally-operated dike at Lake Okeechobee, which would have helped stop the algae issue before it impacted the local community.

So, in true Bill Nelson fashion, he’s talked a lot but done very little for Floridians.

“Bill Nelson has talked a big game about critical issues affecting Floridians yet has done next to nothing to solve them, and Lake Okeechobee is no exception,” said NRSC Spokesperson Camille Gallo. “After nearly thirty years in the federal government, Bill Nelson has only been part of the problem not the solution, and it’s time for Floridians to vote him out of office.”