Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Is Hickenlooper really refusing to testify?

John Hickenlooper said months ago he would testify in a Colorado Independent Ethics Commission hearing about the private jet trips and Maserati limo rides he took with corporate donors, but in a transparent Friday evening news dump, Hickenlooper reversed course. His taxpayer-funded lawyer notified the Commission Hickenlooper is now refusing to testify at the June 4th hearing and threatened to take the Commission to court over the virtual format.

It’s no surprise his team has changed their minds following Hickenlooper’s disastrous performance during a recent virtual Democrat primary forum where he fumbled with his notecards for the pre-approved questions.

“Hickenlooper and his $525/hour taxpayer-funded lawyer are so entitled they think the virtual format millions of Americans and Colorado’s own criminal courts have adapted to is beneath them,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Regardless of the format, Coloradans deserve answers from the ‘millionaire former governor’ about the free private jet and Maserati limo trips he took from corporate donors and ‘friends’ in violation of the state constitution.”