Press Release
| Nathan Brand

“It is about showing up”

Yesterday marked one of the clearest contrasts yet in the Iowa U.S. Senate race. On Wednesday, Joni Ernst stood with small business owners, spent time in rural Iowa, brought attention to the devastating derecho affecting the state, participated in a U.S. Senate debate, and presented clear policy positions while outlining what is at stake in the November election. That’s showing up. 

Meanwhile, Democrat Theresa Greenfield refused to participate in yesterday’s U.S. Senate debate in rural Iowa. Instead of showing up, Greenfield was soliciting donations from left-wing national donors on Twitter at the same time as the U.S. Senate debate.

Watch Joni Ernst on the importance of showing up:

“It is about showing up. I am sitting up here by myself as the lone U.S. Senate candidate because my opponent Theresa Greenfield refused to show up this evening. Iowans expect more from their elected representatives… And my opponent refuses to come out of her basement and face Iowans, hear about their challenges… Every year, I do the 99 county tour because I want to hear from Iowans. I want to know what you are thinking and how I can best serve you in the U.S. Senate. It is about showing up.” – Senator Joni Ernst

Whether it is fighting for Iowa small businesses, farmers, and families, Hawkeye State voters know Joni Ernst will show up for them. Greenfield only shows up when she is evicting Iowa small businesses, collecting national Democrats’ money, or opposing the CARES Act.

“Iowans simply can’t trust Democrat Theresa Greenfield to show up,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand.