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the jig is up, Sen. Baldwin

Senator Tammy Baldwin let her true colors show over the weekend, flying in the extreme-left’s new darling – California Senator Kamala Harris – to hold a campaign rally for her in Milwaukee.

After weeks of pretending to be a moderate on television, running phony ads bragging about reducing regulations and creating jobs (despite voting time and again for higher taxes and job-killing regulations), Sen. Baldwin must have realized the jig is up. The truth is, Baldwin and Harris are among the Senate’s most liberal, out of touch members, who will do everything in their power to undo the conservative reforms that have set Wisconsin’s economy roaring.

“Tammy Baldwin’s full embrace of radicals like Kamala Harris shows just how out of touch she is from Wisconsin families,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Rather than fighting for tax cuts and the conservative reforms that have moved Wisconsin forward, Senator Baldwin would rather fly in out-of-state liberals to vouch for her total lack of achievement in the Senate.”