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Journal Sentinel Blasts Tammy Baldwin For Opening Attack on Leah Vukmir

This morning, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ripped Two-Faced Tammy Baldwin for her blatant hypocrisy in her opening line of attack on Leah Vukmir.

If you missed it, Senator Baldwin cut her first television ads attacking Leah Vukmir for taking contributions from ALEC-allied businesses that … Tammy Baldwin also took money from. The Journal-Sentinel reports that, despite all the bluster in her attack ads, “Baldwin has received $20,050 in campaign donations from companies who have or had ties to ALEC, plus a little over $4,000 from individuals who worked with ALEC-allied firms.”

But the reporter goes even further calling Baldwin’s response to the whole ordeal, “Absolute nonsense.”

That’s gotta sting. But when Leah Vukmir has only been in the race one week, and the polls already have Tammy in a dead heat, this is the just the kind of desperation you’d expect.

Read the full report here.

“Tammy Baldwin’s pathetic attacks reek of desperation and are peak career politician hypocrisy,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Senator Baldwin has been running for office for the better part of 32 years and has less than nothing to show for it, which is why she’s turned to such incredibly dishonest attacks in her campaign. Two-faced Tammy should be ashamed.”