Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

Kelly’s Corporate-Paid Events as a Candidate Raise Questions

It’s well known that Mark Kelly was still shilling for companies like Breitling after becoming a U.S. Senate candidate, but what still isn’t entirely known is how he was paid for his time at these corporate-speaking engagements.


The Wall Street Journal today took a look at Kelly’s relationship with Breitling, and found that despite Kelly’s contract with them ending in 2018, Kelly was still doing events like the opening of a “Breitling Boutique” in Scottsdale for the company in March 2019. How he was compensated by Breitling for this event after his contract had ended, and for other events like it, remains unclear.


“Mark Kelly spent months as a candidate running around to corporate-paid appearances while hypocritically pretending to get corporate money out of politics,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “He’s for sale to the highest bidder, and Arizonans won’t be fooled by his repeated efforts to hide or distract from the massive amounts of corporate money filling his personal and campaign coffers.”