Today, Amy Klobuchar joined with her radical Senate counterpart, Al Franken, to block one of President Trump’s judicial nominees.

After spending months allegedly reviewing the nomination of Minnesota Supreme Court Associate Justice David Stras, Klobuchar sent a release today siding with Senator Franken and his refusal to grant Justice Stras a hearing. Klobuchar writes, “given Senator Franken’s view that Justice Stras should not be allowed a hearing in the Senate, the White House will need to provide additional names for the 8th Circuit position.” Klobuchar and Franken have used the “blue-slip” process to delay Justice Stras’ nomination for months.

“With her decision today, Senator Klobuchar chose to let Senator Franken do her political bidding, and denied a highly qualified judge the fair process he deserved,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “While Klobuchar hides behind procedural tactics, Minnesotans are left without the proper judicial representation they deserve.”

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