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Loeffler: “I make no apologies for my conservative values”

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp today announced that Kelly Loeffler will be the next U.S. Senator from Georgia.


Loeffler, who will be the first female U.S. Senator from Georgia in nearly 100 years, gave remarks this morning to introduce her pro-life, pro-military, pro-wall, and pro-Trump views.


View excerpts from her remarks below and view the video of her full speech here.






“I haven’t spent my life trying to get to Washington. But here’s what folks are gonna find out about me: I’m a lifelong conservative. Pro-Second Amendment. Pro-military. Pro-wall. And pro-Trump. I make no apologies for my conservative values, and will proudly support President Trump’s conservative judges.”



“I am strongly pro-life and believe the abortion-on-demand agenda is immoral. In the senate, I look forward to voting for S. 160, Senator Lindsey Graham’s 20-week abortion ban. When it comes to protecting innocent life, I look to God because every life is a blessing.”



“Contrary to what you see in the media, not every strong woman in America is a liberal. Many of us are conservatives, and proud of it.”



“With all of the important things to be done in Washington and here in Georgia, I am angered by the impeachment circus. I strongly oppose it and believe it is a sideshow and a distraction.



“Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and that whole socialist gang in Washington…They’ve taken over the Democrat Party. And they will not stop until America bends to their demands, and everything that makes us great has been destroyed. This is the fight of our generation. And it’s why I’m here. As an outsider to Washington, I know I will have to prove it. To earn your confidence and support with my votes, my priorities, and my actions. And that’s exactly what I’ll do.”