We Asked and Kelly Dodged Questions About Democrats’ Reckless Amnesty Agenda and Socialist Spending Spree

Washington, D.C – When it comes to any policy question, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly always seems to be in search of an answer. Let’s start with his over two-year “study” of the filibuster; there’s still no clear answer on if he would join fellow radicals to abolish the legislative filibuster in order to push a radical, far-Left agenda. Now, Mark Kelly is searching for answers on whether or not he supports Senate Democrats’ $3.5 trillion (actually $5 trillion) reckless tax and spending spree that would hike taxes on middle-class Americans and Main Street job creators all while fueling record-high costs of everyday goods. 

If the job-killing tax hikes and out-of-control spending weren’t bad enough for middle-class Arizona families, Mark Kelly and Senate Democrats are planning to use their reckless taxing and spending spree to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, further exacerbating the border crisis they created. When asked a week ago if he would support this amnesty effort, Mark Kelly did what he does best – dodged the question! For somebody who pretends to care about keeping Arizona families safe, this silence is deafening. 

Mark Kelly has had a week to “look at the details” of the Democrats’ reckless proposal. It’s time for him to finally give Arizonans the answers they deserve. 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “Mark Kelly’s lack of courage is on full display in the halls of the Senate. From dodging questions on the filibuster to the latest amnesty effort, it is clear that instead of working for the interests of Arizona families, Kelly only serves as a parrot for the radical Left controlling today’s Democrats. As the border crisis rages on, Arizonans deserve to know if Mark Kelly will work to secure the border or continue fueling the crisis by supporting an open borders, amnesty agenda.”


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