Washington, D.C. – D.C. Darling Mark Kelly has a conflict-of-interest problem. Kelly’s campaign has paid more than $80,000 to a company who later received lucrative defense contracts from the federal government. What’s even more concerning is that Kelly sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee which allocates funding for defense contracts.

Mark Kelly is using his Senate seat to reward his friends instead of helping Arizona. The Southern border is flooded with illegal immigrants and deadly drugs. Crime is out of control and prices in Arizona are at record highs. But at least Mark Kelly’s friends are getting rich off taxpayer-funded government contracts.

Mark Kelly likes to pretend that he’s fighting for Arizona. But the only people who have benefited from Kelly’s time in the Senate are his rich friends. Arizonans deserve a Senator who works for them. Not a Senator like Mark Kelly who abuses his power to enrich his friends.


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