Washington, D.C. – In Mark Kelly’s latest ad, he bemoans the rising cost of groceries and gasoline, the supply chain crisis, and partisanship.  Yet, his votes have helped create the problem he is so concerned about.

High Gas Prices

  • In 2021, Kelly voted three times against legislation to prohibit a ban on fracking (Senate Roll Call Votes: 2/4/212/5/218/10/21)
  • In 2021, Kelly voted four times against advancing the Keystone XL Pipeline, killing roughly 11,000 good-paying jobs in the process (Senate Roll Call Votes: 2/4/212/5/213/6/213/6/21)
  • Kelly has a 97% lifetime rating from the League of Conservation Voters, a group leading advocacy of the Green New Deal (National Environmental Scorecard, League Of Conservation Voters)


  • Kelly has voted for the entire Biden inflationary agenda, including the American Rescue Plan that many economists blame, in part, for high inflation.

Independent Voting

  • In 2022, Kelly has voted with President Biden 97% of the time, down from 100% in 2021.

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “The Biden economic agenda has had no bigger champion in the U.S. Senate than Mark Kelly.  The Senator, like all Americans, might be concerned about the mess our nation is in, however, Arizonans know that it is his votes in the Senate that have made their problems worse, not better.”


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