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McCaskill abandons rural Missouri

A new ad from Josh Hawley reveals Claire McCaskill’s true thoughts on rural Missourians – she doesn’t need them.

McCaskill was caught on camera telling supporters that, “If we do our job in St. Louis County, I can give up a few votes in the bootheel.” This is a very revealing moment for McCaskill, who has made a big show of holding town halls and campaigning in the rural parts of the state. But after her consistent opposition to President Trump’s agenda, culminating in her vote against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it seems clear even to McCaskill that she will not receive the support of rural voters.

With less than a month until Election Day, McCaskill has settled on a strategy of ignoring the concerns of the voters who delivered President Trump a 19-point victory in 2016, and instead relying solely on voters in blue parts of the state. Good luck with that, Claire!