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McCaskill gives up

For months, Claire McCaskill has tried to pull the wool over Missourians’ eyes, trying to convince them that she’s not really a liberal Democrat and supports President Trump’s agenda. But today, she gave up the charade, going on a rant about the President being a liar in her debate with Josh Hawley.

McCaskill told Missourians that President Trump “lies all the time,” as she continued to lie about her own record. It’s unclear who McCaskill is attempting to appeal to by calling the President a liar in a state he won by 19 points, but it’s clearly out of sync with the image she’s been trying to project. McCaskill is currently running an ad claiming that she’s not “one of those crazy Democrats,” and regularly tries to convince Missourians that she is some sort of moderate, despite her record not supporting such a claim.

“It’s sad that Claire McCaskill feels the need to lash out as it becomes clear her political career is coming to an end,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “McCaskill is plainly bitter that Missourians are no longer buying her phony moderate act, but calling President Trump a liar isn’t likely to change their minds.”