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McCaskill questions Missourians’ judgment

This morning, Claire McCaskill went on Morning Joe, the liberal elite’s go-to destination to bash President Trump and sneer at folks in red states. And everyone’s favorite out-of-touch millionaire Senator took the opportunity to bash Missourians for voting for President Trump in 2016.

McCaskill told Joe and Mika that her constituents were “cynical” and that their cynicism led them to elect “a reality TV star President.” McCaskill, of course, was one of Hillary Clinton’s earliest supporters and remained one of her top campaign surrogates, even as Missouri voted for President Trump by a 19-point margin.

McCaskill’s strategy of questioning the intelligence of Missourians is an interesting one, considering a new poll released this morning shows her trailing her likely general election opponent by an 8-point margin while President Trump continues to enjoy a 55% approval rating in the state.