Press Release
| Bob Salera

McCaskill’s candidate

After famously calling Trump voters “deplorables” during the 2016 presidential campaign, failed candidate and Claire McCaskill ally Hillary Clinton showed again why she couldn’t connect with Missourians.

Clinton blasted Trump supporters as “backwards” while bragging about her popularity with coastal elites during recent remarks in India. It’s clear Clinton and her Democratic counterparts still don’t understand the appeal of more jobs, lower taxes and less government interference. As one of Hillary’s biggest supporters, does Claire McCaskill support the dismissive and insulting comments Clinton made about Missourians?

“Missourians deserve to know whether or not Claire McCaskill agrees with the candidate she proudly championed,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “While Republicans have cut taxes, reduced government regulations and created jobs, Clinton and her Democratic backers continue to insult hardworking Americans and obstruct the policies voters want.”