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McCaskill’s no-win decision

As folks back home take notice of the bind Claire McCaskill has found herself in over Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the senator is trying her hardest to stall and avoid answering any questions.

McCaskill spent her Tuesday desperately dodging reporters’ questions, taking fake phone calls as she hurried through Capitol hallways. The normally chatty Senator reportedly “kept her cellphone glued to her ear whenever she walked through public hallways, making it impossible for journalists to ask her about Kavanaugh’s record.” But as she goes into hiding, Missourians are reading all about her upcoming “no-win vote” in the Kansas City Star:

“Behind Door No. 2 is a lot more campaign cash, among other compensations. True, the result of voting against what the GOP majority in your state wants could also wind up electing your conservative rival, Josh Hawley. But your political funeral will be gorgeous, with many tears and floral tributes. And the base will never forget what you did for them; who are you, again?”

“If you’re McCaskill, who made her own luck in her last run, against Republican Todd Akin, you have no gift-wrapped option here. However you vote on Kavanaugh, you’ll be punished at the polls. As usual, the right answer is to follow your conscience. But in this case, I won’t pretend to know what that means you should do.”

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“Even the folks on the other end of Claire McCaskill’s fake phone calls are telling her that a vote against Judge Kavanaugh will seal her retirement,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “McCaskill has spent her career voting against the interests of Missourians, but betraying them by joining the far left’s blockade against Judge Kavanaugh would be the last straw for voters.”