Press Release
| Michael McAdams

Minnesotans deserve better

If newly appointed Senator Tina Smith plans to be anything other than a bridge to whomever Minnesotans elect to fill Senator Al Franken’s seat, she is going to be sorely disappointed.

While it has been reported Smith intends to run for the vacant seat in next year’s special election, the last thing Minnesotans want is a handpicked political insider representing them in Washington. Smith’s resume is a case study in swampiness—she’s been a Planned Parenthood executive, high-paid political insider, and now political appointee. Not to mention as Lt. Governor, Smith supported increasing taxes on everything from clothes to gas.

“The last thing Minnesotans want is a political operative committed to raising taxes while representing them in the U.S. Senate,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Minnesota voters deserve a Senator who will look out for their best interests, not another DFL insider handpicked by Mark Dayton.”


• Smith Ran a Washington, D.C. Ad Firm (“Lack of negativity in DFL ads might work against candidates; By avoiding direct attacks or even comparisons with their opponents, the five Democratic candidates for Minnesota governor might not distinguish themselves in voters’ minds,” Star Tribune, 9/7/98)

• Smith Served as Vice President Of Marketing and Public Relations for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and South Dakota (Mark Brunswick, “New health chief took fast track to the top; Governor describes hospital CEO as ‘extraordinarily successful’,” Star Tribune, 2/5/03)

• In 2015, the Dayton and Smith Administration Proposed a 6.5 Percent Gross Receipts Tax of Gasoline and a Half-Cent Sales Tax Increase (J. Patrick Coolican, “Road grants revealed, with funding plug,” The Minneapolis Star-Tribune, 1/6/16)