Finkenauer Trails Chuck Grassley by 18 Points Statewide, 23 Points in Her Former House District

Washington, D.C. – As if it could get any worse for Abby Finkenauer. Yesterday morning, a Des Moines Register poll revealed Joe Biden – who she led the way on endorsing in Iowa – is underwater in Iowa with a mere 31% approval rating.

Yesterday afternoon, the same poll revealed that in a likely Senate matchup between Chuck Grassley and Abby Finkenauer, Grassley would cruise to an 18-point victory over failed Congresswoman Finkenauer. Unfortunately for Finkenauer, her numbers don’t get better among the Iowans that know her best. According to the poll, “In the 1st District, which Finkenauer represented in Congress, Grassley leads 58% to 35%.” Finkenauer’s numbers will only get worse as she introduces herself and her anti-Iowa agenda across the state.

With these poll numbers, it’s no surprise that the DSCC left Iowa off their list of target states in 2022. Abby just can’t catch a break!

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “There’s a reason why Abby Finkenauer has already been coined a two-time loser. According to Iowa’s ‘gold standard poll,’ she has a steep mountain to climb, and that mountain will only grow steeper as Iowans get to know her preference for radical, far-Left policies that will destroy the livelihoods of Iowa families and job creators. Nobody fights for Iowa’s best interests like Chuck Grassley does.”


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