Washington, D.C. – Concern over ahistorical Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools has prompted protests from parents across the country. On Friday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper vetoed a bill passed by the North Carolina legislature that would restrict school districts’ ability to promote Critical Race Theory. 

The veto has caused an uproar in North Carolina, but the two leading Democrat candidates for U.S. Senate have yet to speak out.  

State Senator Jeff Jackson, at a town hall meeting in July, was very clear about his opinion on Critical Race Theory: it doesn’t exist! Former NC Supreme Court Justice Cheri Beasley has yet to address the issue directly, as her campaign strategy doesn’t allow for her to discuss any issue in any substantive way. However, her top surrogate, Congresswoman Cori Bush, is a radical who enthusiastically supports Critical Race Theory, and much more

Recent NRSC polling shows how deeply unpopular major pillars of Critical Race Theory are:

In light of this veto, do State Senator Jackson and former Justice Cheri Beasley support the Governor’s decision to rule in favor of Critical Race Theory?


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