Bill Nelson is at it again trying to make Floridians believe they can trust him to oppose offshore drilling.

In his latest digital ad, Nelson claims he wrote a bipartisan bill that makes it illegal to drill off Florida’s coast —except he didn’t.

In fact, Bill Nelson wasn’t a sponsor or even a co-sponsor of the Gulf Of Mexico Energy Security Act Of 2006, and he wasn’t involved in the legislation’s negotiations with then Majority Leader Bill Frist.

And let’s not forget in 2010 when he supported Obama’s proposal to drill just 125 miles from Florida. But don’t bother asking his office about that—they’ve denied it repeatedly.

That Bill Nelson, such a man of integrity!

“After decades in public office, Bill Nelson knows he’s done absolutely nothing for Floridians and is now trying to puff up his resume,” said Camille Gallo, NRSC Spokesperson. “This latest trick isn’t going to fool Floridians who are sick and tired of do-nothing career politicians like Bill Nelson.”


Bill Nelson Is Not Identified As A Sponsor Or Co-sponsor On The Gulf Of Mexico Security Act Of 2006 (S. 3711 Co-Sponsors, Library Of Congress, Accessed 6/21/18)

Bill Nelson Was Identified As Not Being Involved In Negotiations With Then Majority Leader Bill Frist And The Chairman Of The Senate Energy And Natural Resources Committee To Bring The 2006 Bill To The Senate Floor. “Martinez met again Tuesday afternoon with Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., and Pete V. Domenici, R-N.M., chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. ‘We’re closer,’ Martinez said afterward. ‘We made progress, but I don’t think we’re where we can make an announcement.’ Florida’s senators want several concessions to ensure that the state’s coast will be protected from pollution in the event of an oil spill. Chief among them is distance. While Domenici’s committee has passed a bill that would keep rigs 100 miles off the Panhandle, Martinez wants a buffer of at least 125 miles. Nelson wants 150 miles, but has signaled he might accept 125. Nelson is not involved in negotiations, though he and Martinez discuss it regularly.” (Wes Allison, “Florida’s Senators Inch Toward Oil Drilling Agreement,” St. Petersburg Times, 7/12/06)

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