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Nelson decries dark money…unless it’s helping him

Bill Nelson’s hypocrisy streak continues on this week. For years, Nelson has railed against big money in politics and was even endorsed by End Citizens United.

However, when Chuck Schumer’s super PAC reserved over $20 million in air time as a thank you for Bill Nelson’s undying loyalty, Nelson didn’t object.

And just today, a liberal dark money group has started running ads trying to prop up Nelson’s struggling campaign. In fact, every single TV ad in support of his reelection bid has been paid for by outside groups.

This tweet sums it up nicely:


Where’s the outrage now, Bill?

“Bill Nelson is a hypocrite, plain and simple,” said NRSC Spokesperson Camille Gallo. “He decries dark money but remains silent if that dark money is helping him, just like he’ll raise taxes on Floridians but finds ways to dodge his own taxes. Sadly, this behavior is exactly what Florida voters should expect from a career politician like Bill Nelson.”