Press Release
| Camille Gallo

Nelson hiding after alarming claims

After exhibiting some extremely reckless behavior, Bill Nelson has essentially gone MIA on Floridians.

In case you missed all the news report, Nelson claimed Russians “have already penetrated” some voter registration systems in Florida.

This alarming warning prompted Florida’s Secretary of State Ken Detzner to write a letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee demanding information on the alleged infiltration. While other election officials across Florida and the Department of Homeland Security have said they were not aware of any breaches.

Yet as questions about this claim go unanswered, Bill Nelson has gone into hiding refusing to back up his serious accusation by stating the information—that he revealed to the press—is classified causing quite a backlash in the state.

Just take a look at some of the reports Bill Nelson is reading while he’s hiding out:

Herald Tribune: Nelson needs to back up his claims

Tampa Bay Times: Bill Nelson’s warning of Russian interference in Florida sparks a backlash

Buzzfeed: A Senator Claims That Russian Hackers Are In Florida’s Voter Systems. Local Officials Are Skeptical

Tampa Bay Times: Facing Nelson’s warning, Homeland Security says it hasn’t seen ‘any new compromises’ by Russians

Sun-Sentinel: South Florida election heads say no evidence Russians have breached voter systems, despite Nelson’s statement

Washington Free Beacon: Florida Election Officials Contradict Nelson, Say No Evidence Russians Hacked Voting Systems

The Miami Herald: Is Bill Nelson right? Are some Florida election systems already hacked? Debate rages

Panama City News Herald: Election officials frustrated by Nelson’s Russian operatives statement

Orlando Weekly: Orange County elections office says ‘no intrusion’ after Bill Nelson declares Russians breached Florida voter system

MSNBC’s Meet The Press Daily: “Obviously if true, this would be not just a big story, a major story. But with no evidence to back it up, it just raises a lot of questions.”

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “What do you make of Senator Bill Nelson of Florida? He’s up for re-election. Now suggesting, claiming there’s evidence that the Russians are actually hacking into electoral systems, election systems in Florida. The Secretary of State there says they don’t have any evidence of that.”

CNN’s The Situation Room: When CNN asked Senator Nelson for specifics about what the Russians had cone done, he didn’t elaborate, saying that’s classified. The Florida Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security say they’ve seen no evidence to support Nelson’s claims.