Press Release
| Katie Martin

Nelson to Obama: drill, baby, drill

Nelson has had quite the week and it’s only Wednesday.

Not only has he been called out by numerous media outlets for his support of offshore drilling back in 2010, but now the Chicago Tribune is reporting today that Barack Obama is planning to hit the campaign trial in 2018.

This has to be welcome news for Bill Nelson, who can reminisce with the former president about their plan to allow offshore drilling, right?

We know that Nelson is denying he ever supported the plan, but as the Tampa Bay Times reported in 2010, Nelson was okay with the idea being pushed by the Obama administration.

On top of that, the Sarasota Herald Tribune even reported that the enviros were real upset with Nelson and felt betrayed by his decision to back the offshore drilling plan.

It will be interesting to watch Nelson untangle his web of lies and navigate a possible visit from Obama, which will only bring his previous support for offshore drilling back into the spotlight.