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Nelson skips out on algae hearing

After months of pretending to care about the dangerous algae bloom affecting Florida’s waterways, it looks like Bill Nelson is having a tough time keeping his act up.

This week, the Senate held a hearing on toxic algae blooms, but the Washington Examiner reports that Bill Nelson skipped out on the meeting and Rick Scott’s campaign slammed Nelson’s walk out in a digital ad.

True to form, Nelson hammed it up by giving a speech and immediately LEFT without listening to expert witnesses or asking any questions.

It sure didn’t take long for Nelson to show his true colors…

“Nelson’s walk out says it all about the career politician,” said Camille Gallo NRSC Spokesperson. “Just like only showing his face in the state when it’s an election year, Bill Nelson makes an appearance, pretends like he cares, and then shamefully ducks out on working to find real solutions for Floridians.”