Washington, D.C. – The cost of everyday goods is at the highest level since 1982, thanks to Joe Biden’s and Catherine Cortez Masto’s insistence on recklessly spending trillions of dollars. 

Nevada families are feeling the pain at the grocery store and at the pump, and they’re prepared to hold Democrats like Catherine Cortez Masto accountable this November.

One “exasperated” Nevada woman had to cut back on groceries “that might bust the family budget” and is now paying $45 more to fill up her truck. She lamented to CNN, “I’ve been worried, because instead of things getting better, it is getting worse every time.” When it comes to the Democrats’ 2021 so-called “relief” bill, a single mom “believe[s] that caused the prices of everyday items to soar.” 

Hardworking Nevadans are hurting, and they know Catherine Cortez Masto’s failures are to blame.


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