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Nevadans deserve to hear from Jacky Rosen

During President Trump’s Las Vegas rally last night, he hammered failing Democratic Senate candidate Jacky Rosen for refusing to debate Senator Heller, saying “Jacky Rosen is bought and paid for by her donors 100%. She doesn’t even want to do a debate with Dean. She doesn’t want to debate. I said, ‘Hey Dean, when’s the debate?’ and he said, ‘She won’t debate me.’ That’s not good.”

Rosen, who refused to debate her Congressional opponent last election, is doing everything she can to avoid having to discuss her record. Given Rosen has accomplished absolutely ZERO for Nevada during her time in office, it’s no wonder she won’t agree to a debate.

“While Dean Heller was fighting to cut taxes, reform the VA and protect Nevada veterans, Jacky Rosen was raising money in Hollywood and voting with Nancy Pelosi nearly 90% of the time,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Nevadans deserve to hear what Jacky Rosen has done to earn their votes.”