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Never change, Claire!

Fresh off of getting called out by, well, pretty much everyone for her phony RV tour, Claire McCaskill is up to her old tricks and making statements that are not compatible with reality. In an interview with National Journal, McCaskill attempted to distance herself from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, saying:

“I spend a lot of my time telling him to stay out of Missouri and leave me alone. My view of issues are not always in line with Senator Schumer’s. I mean, he’s really smart and he works hard to keep our caucus united, and I respect that, but he and I don’t always see eye to eye on everything. Frankly, I don’t need him. I know Missouri; he doesn’t. I don’t need him in Missouri.”

This, of course, is laughable given McCaskill’s close personal relationship with the New York liberal. Schumer’s Super PAC, Senate Majority PAC has already spent millions on TV ads for McCaskill this year, and is planning to spend millions more to prop up his favorite Senator. And who can forget McCaskill’s famous Cancun trip with Schumer? Don’t forget about McCaskill’s glowing Washington Press Club speech about Schumer, who she called one of her closest friends who calls her once a day. Oh yeah – and there’s also the fact that McCaskill votes with Schumer 86% of the time.

So since McCaskill wants Schumer to leave her alone and stay out of Missouri, will she call on him to stop airing TV ads on her behalf? Seems like the bare minimum she would do…unless this is just another phony act from the Washington Democrat elitist.