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New Ad: A-rated

After being blasted by the national and local media for including the names of sexual and domestic abuse survivors without their consent in a political attack ad, Heidi Heitkamp can’t catch a break, as the NRSC today launched a new television ad in North Dakota slamming Heitkamp’s anti-Second Amendment vote to oppose Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Heitkamp’s decision to side with the radical liberal mob has shown North Dakota gun-owners they can’t trust her to fight for them. Kevin Cramer earned an A-rating from the NRA and will continue to protect North Dakotan’s Second Amendment rights in the U.S. Senate.

Click HERE to watch the ad.

“Heidi Heitkamp chose to side with Chuck Schumer and the mob antics of the far-left instead of backing the majority of North Dakota voters who wanted Justice Kavanaugh confirmed,” said NRSC Spokesman Michael McAdams. “Unlike Heitkamp, Kevin Cramer has continuously fought on behalf of North Dakota and will continue to do so once he’s elected to the U.S. Senate.”


VO: Your individual gun rights are at risk at the Supreme Court.

VO: President Trump picked Brett Kavanaugh to defend your rights and break the tie at the Supreme Court.

VO: But Heidi Heitkamp said “no.”

VO: That’s why the National Rifle Association endorses ONLY Kevin Cramer.

VO: Kevin Cramer – is the only candidate for Senate with an A rating from the NRA.

VO: Heidi Heitkamp just doesn’t vote like North Dakota.

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