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New Ad: Bridge

The latest ad in Indiana from the NRSC continues making the case that Mexico Joe Donnelly isn’t getting the job done for Hoosiers.

Mexico Joe is the least effective Democrat in the Senate. But when he does bother to show up he’s voting against the interests of Hoosiers. Mexico Joe voted no on the Trump tax cuts, protected Obamacare, stood with the mob against Justice Kavanaugh and voted to give taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants.

Click HERE to watch the new ad.

“Mexico Joe Donnelly has voted against Hoosier values every time he’s had the opportunity,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Hoosiers will reject Mexico Joe because on the issues that matter, from tax cuts to illegal immigration, he has stood with the radical left and not with Indiana.”


VO: The least effective Democrat in the Senate

Claiming the middle, while standing with the radical left

Opposed tax cuts, protected Obamacare, dragged the Supreme Court through the mud

Mob rule, open borders

Allowing dangerous illegal immigrants into our country, and giving them taxpayer-funded benefits

Joe Donnelly crossed that bridge into Washington, D.C.

And left Hoosier values behind

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