Press Release
| Joanna Rodriguez

NEW AD: Cunningham’s Just Another Liberal Hypocrite

The National Republican Senatorial Committee released a new TV ad today in North Carolina targeting Cal Cunningham for being just another corrupt, liberal hypocrite after he criticized the Paycheck Protection Program despite his long-time company benefiting from a PPP loan.

Watch the NRSC’s new ad here.

“Cal Cunningham came out swinging against the Paycheck Protection Program, even though it saved over one million North Carolina jobs – including 115 at the company where he worked as an executive for years,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Cunningham could have stood up to his Washington handlers, but instead decided to be the corrupt, liberal hypocrite he’s proved himself to be time and again.”

Cunningham criticized the PPP program after its bipartisan, unanimous passage, while the company he worked at for over seven years as an executive was using a PPP loan to save 115 jobs. Cunningham tried to explain away the hypocrisy by claiming he didn’t work at the company anymore, but public filings from the company revealed Cunningham was still working for them days after he claimed to allegedly leave the company. Once exposed, Cunningham admitted he was still doing “occasional hourly work” for the firm, but has refused to reveal any details of his compensation.


Cal Cunningham: “The Paycheck Protection Program, we’ve seen that money end up in some of the wrong hands.”

Narrator: “But those wrong hands were Cal Cunningham’s. His company got caught taking up to 2 million from the same program he condemned. Cunningham denied working there. Admitted it. Then changed the story again.”

Cunningham: “We’ve seen that money end up in some of the wrong hands.”

Narrator: “Cal Cunningham: Another corrupt, liberal hypocrite for Washington.”