Washington, D.C. – Since Herschel Walker entered the race for U.S. Senate, every facet of his personal life – from his mental health struggles to his children, even his race – have been torn apart and used for political gain by Raphael Warnock and his allies.  They are attacks that would NEVER be tolerated if Herschel had a (D) next to his name.

Meanwhile, Raphael Warnock has been protected by the media at large in both Georgia and nationally who refuse to scrutinize the disturbing CURRENT events in Raphael Warnock’s life.  Of course, it’s not unusual for the press to be actively working to shield a Democrat’s deeply troubling personal life, but it’s 2022 and all relevant info is at our fingertips.  

The time for excuses is over, and Herschel Walker has had enough of the double standard.  Today, his campaign is out with an ad reminding voters that Raphael Warnock is not the holier-than-thou figure he portrays on TV.  Warnock may be a great actor, but he is not a flawless man:

Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “The most blatant media bias this election, by a mile, can be found in Georgia.  While tropes and stigmatization of Herschel Walker and his decades-old struggles have been blasted across Georgia for months, with zero press scrutiny, Raphael Warnock’s ongoing personal issues have been intentionally ignored.  It is malpractice of the highest order.  If you scrutinize the personal life of one candidate – and by doing so endanger those facing similar challenges – you ought to have the integrity to do it to the other, regardless of party.  Well, since the press won’t, Herschel will step up and have the guts to do their job for them.  Herschel knows how to take a hit from his opponents, but as countless linebackers will tell you, he also knows how to hit back.”


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